Welcome to HSE’s Environmental Sustainability Online Tool

The aim of this tool is to carry out a quick overview of sustainability in your healthcare facility/organisation. This tool will provide you with quick and useful feedback on what you can do to make your facility or organisation more environmentally and financially sustainable . 

The Healthcare Industry with its focus on improving health and wellbeing and preventing illness, has a major role to play in improving environmental sustainability.

Why use HSE’s  Environmental Sustainability online tool?

Measuring your sustainability status and tracking progress will benefit your staff, patients and community and it will also help you save money and help the environment by reducing negative environmental impacts that affect health and communities locally. The self-assessment will help you to: 

  • Identify the focus of your Healthcare Sustainability Plan.
  • Measure sustainability progress year on year. 
  • Measure progress by evaluating sustainability in financial and environmental terms.
  • Measure how well your activities support sustainability inside your organisation.
  • HSE Estates Climate Action & Sustainability Office will provide follow up advice through our partners Clean Technology Centre and support to assist your organisation in reducing energy, water use, waste and improving sustainability performance and achieving savings
  • Reduce carbon emissions 

How to use HSE’s Healthcare Sustainability online tool?

Register using your email and password.

Please complete all 4 sections of the tool under the categories of: Energy, Water, Waste and Sustainability Management.

Each section has a dozen or less multiple choice questions. You just need to respond: “Yes”, “Somewhat”  or “No/ Not sure” to each question. When you have completed the questionnaire, which takes about 20 minutes, you will receive an email with a “Sustainability Score” for your healthcare facility, a Sustainability Action Plan with details of how to access follow-on advice and support.

Feel free to complete the tool with assistance from your account manager, maintenance and / or Local Energy Officer.

This is a Climate Action and Sustainability Office initiative.