Welcome to the HSE's Environmental Sustainability Online Tool

Carry out a quick overview of sustainability in your healthcare facility.

How It Works

The process

HSE Manager completes Sustainability Tool online and receives site specific Sustainability Action Plan.

Green Healthcare Team reviews site specific Sustainability Action Plan.

Green Healthcare Team contacts HSE Manager to discuss Sustainability Action Plan.

Green Healthcare Team help’s HSE Manager develop business case to secure funding for priority Sustainability Actions.

HSE Manager repeats Sustainability Tool online, at least annually.

HSE Manager and Green Healthcare Team review outcomes of Sustainability Actions

HSE Manager ensures Sustainability Actions (Energy, Waste and Water reduction) are completed.

HSE Manager secures funding from HSE Budget holder for priority Sustainability Actions.

Why use our online tool?

Measuring your sustainability status and tracking progress will benefit your staff, patients and community and it will also help you save money and help the environment by reducing negative environmental impacts that affect health and communities locally.

Reduce Utility Costs

Facilities which have used the sustainability tool have identified waste and reduced their energy, waste and water costs

Reduce Carbon Emissions

The tool will assist you choose actions which will reduce carbon emissions in line with the HSE Climate Action Strategy.

Enhance Environment for Patients & Staff

Improving the sustainability at HSE facilities can lead to improved quality of life for staff and patients such as; setting temperatures at more comfortable levels or improving biodiversity on site.

Know your score in 20 minutes or less

When you complete the tool, you will receive an email with a “Sustainability Score” for your healthcare facility, a Sustainability Action Plan and follow on advice and support.